• Field Insights_WFRP

    Field level weather data is now available in Field Insights® on all Livestock and non-mapped policies

    NAU Country agents will now be able to sign into Field Insights® and show MPCI and Livestock farmers that they can utilize Field Insights whether or not they have mapped fields on their policy. May 06, 2021
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  • Crop Insurance Basics - Incentives

    Crop Insurance Basics: Incentives

    Policy makers designed crop insurance with a self-correcting feature that naturally discounts premium for any producer who improves their performance. This catch-all incentive rewards any behavior that increases yields and reduces risk for farmers and taxpayers. April 22, 2021
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  • After a year of hardship, hope lies ahead!

    After a Year of Hardship, Hope Lies Ahead

    More than 55 agricultural trade associations, agribusinesses, and farm lenders recently sent letters to policy makers and elected officials emphasizing that cuts to crop insurance must be avoided in this year’s budget discussions, as the certainty provided by the crop insurance program makes it a “critical linchpin of the farm safety net.” April 21, 2021
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  • DRP_QCE_web

    NAU Country takes pride in making business simple

    The NAU Country mobile app allows you to add a Quarterly Coverage Endorsement (QCE) to Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) policies. Lock in your QCE during an open sales period from your NAU Country mobile app. Then capture your farmers signature either in person with eSign, or through a push notification to their mobile device when they are not present. April 12, 2021
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  • ConnectionWebinar2021_Web

    Join our Spring 2021 NAU Country Connection training webinars

    Refresh your product and system knowledge this spring with the NAU Country Connection Webinar Series. Back by popular demand, this series focuses on Production and Acreage Reporting systems, Crop-Hail and EASYmapping® features, and our weather metrics tools. For some, these courses will serve as refreshers for the time of year, and for others, it may be completely new material. We customize our training to assist both types of users. March 30, 2021
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  • Crop Insurance Basics: Actual Production History

    Crop Insurance Basics: Actual Production History

    One of crop insurance’s defining attributes is its self-correcting nature. Collecting and analyzing a producer’s Actual Production History (APH), which takes into account a grower’s actual yields over a period of time, also compares performance to other farms within the county and surrounding communities. A higher APH may mean paying lower premiums. March 26, 2021
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  • Jim Korin discusses the American farmer and ECO

    This Crop Enhanced Coverage Option Provides Well-Needed Assurance to the American Farmer — in Addition to Saving Costs and Advancing Risk Management

    With the American farmer and the evolving threats to their livelihood in mind, Jim Korin, President of NAU Country, was featured in Risk & Insurance discussing the Enhanced Coverage Option. With the main goal to help farmers bounce back in the event their losses exceed traditional coverage, this new product took tenacity, work, and planning to come about. Find out more in this recent article. March 09, 2021
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  • ExtraMile_Web

    Go the EXTRA MILE for your farmer this hail season

    As a NAU Country agent, you have access to sign up to receive a hail notification when hail has potentially hit your farmers’ fields, but did you know that NAU Country offers this same service to your farmers through our Insured Hail Notifications? March 08, 2021
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  • Good Farming Practices

    Crop Insurance Basics: Good Farming Practices

    Good Farming Practices, or GFPs, are constantly evolving to keep pace with new technologies and changes in the market, weather, and land management. These practices are rooted in science and data and are based on regional research. In other words, GFPs must be proven to work. March 03, 2021
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  • EASYsignWeb

    EASYsign® made even easier with expanded functionality

    EASYwriter Pro's eSign functionality has been rebranded and is now called EASYsign. In addition to the rebranding, new user-friendly features have also been released. February 17, 2021
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