Experience NAU Country

NAU Country is dedicated to the American farmer. We take pride in being a customer-focused company and providing superior service by employing a highly skilled network of over 780 claim professionals located across the country. Our adjusters are located in your local communities and have a great deal of knowledge specific to the crops and procedures in your area.

It is key to remain innovative and forward-thinking in agriculture! We believe the same concept applies to crop insurance. We continue to research and develop new technologies to serve you. For instance, the NAU Country mobile app allows you manage your policy on the go. You can access your coverage and insurance specific information, check out premium owed, assess weather metrics at a field level, submit and track your loss, and so much more.

You can rely on NAU Country to provide the financial strength and confidence needed in today’s environment. We’re backed by a strong parent company, QBE Insurance Group Limited, who moves with purpose: to give people the confidence to reach their goals by helping them manage risk, so they can achieve their desired outcome.

When service, technology, and security are important, there is no better choice than partnering with NAU Country.

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