Join the 2021 NAU Country Photo Calendar Contest!

We are gathering photos from the farm in preparation for our 2021 NAU Country Photo Calendar. The theme for this edition is Fun on the Farm! That means any farm-related photos, we want to see - the funnier the better! Have some horses acting goofy? Animals making mischief? Even a wonderful sunset photo over your farming operation? Take a picture of it and send it our way! No matter the time of day, the type of crop, or your skill level, we’d love to see those photos!

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If your fields could talk, what would they say?

“Potential hail damage”
“Wind gusts were too strong”
“Precipitation is low”
“Time to spray”
“The in field dry-down target moisture percentage has been met”

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Commodity Market Commentary and Analysis

Vice President of Farm Services Rich Morrison offers insightful daily analysis on commodity market fluctuations, pricing trends, and how this affects you! This offering is available for both agents and farmers. Reach out to your NAU Country Marketing Representative or Agent for more information on how to sign up.
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How Crop Insurance Helps to Minimize 5 Key Risks Facing American Farmers

NAU Country President Jim Korin speaks about the ways that crop insurance can help minimize five key risks facing American Farmers.
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NAU Country’s Dairy Revenue Protection Price Alerts have you covered!

Don’t miss your opportunity to get the best Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) price possible! NAU Country now offers DRP Price Alerts via email or push notifications for you and your farmers. Get signed up today!
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NAU Country Insurance Company Expands Use of Iteris ClearAg for Crop Risk Management

Partnership will enable growers to make informed farming decisions, focus on sustainability, and plan for weather events!
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New soil data map layers added to Field Insights™

Field Insights™ continues to improve and impress! Our flagship farmer tool, Field Insights, has added additional soil data map layers to help your farmers make the best decisions regarding their farm operations.

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Insuring your crops. Ensuring your success.

Our mission at NAU Country is to help farmers manage their risks so that they can focus on what matters most. Together with our independent agents, NAU Country is committed to providing the most informed, accurate, and timely risk management possible for the American Farmer. ~Jim Korin, President of NAU Country Insurance Company

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