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July 31, 2020

  • Informational Memorandum: COM-20-003: 1st crop CCIP / 2nd crop RIVI - Annual Forage Double Cropping 
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July 27, 2020

  • Informational Memorandum OA-20-002: Customer Survey
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2021 Crop Insurance Provision Changes

As your Approved Insurance Provider (AIP), NAU Country takes pride in keeping you up-to-date on crop insurance changes. The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) has made 2021 provision revisions.

The following Informational Memorandums have been issued by the Risk Management Agency (RMA). We have provided a summary of each of the changes, but to find out more you can click on the link(s) below to be routed directly to the bulletin(s).



2020 Crop Insurance Provision changes

  • PM-19-071 - Sugar Beets
    • The FCIC amended the Sugar Beet Crop Provisions for the 2020 and succeeding crop years in all counties with a November 30 contract change date and 2021 and succeeding crop years for all other counties, with the following changes:
      • Revised the maximum early harvest adjustment to the higher of the producer’s approved actual production history yield or the actual yield of the sugar beets harvested after full maturity from the unit;
      • Replaced the definition of “processor contract” with “production agreement,” which does not require a price or formula based on third party data;
      • Revised the production agreement deadline from the time of loss to the acreage reporting date;
      • Clarified when to apply the early harvest adjustment;
      • Added procedures allowing third parties to test raw sugar content in addition to the processor; and
      • Added salvage value procedures for damaged production.
  • PM-19-070 - Coarse Grains
    • The FCIC revised the Coarse Grains Crop Provisions to allow separate enterprise or optional units by following another crop (FAC) and not following another crop (NFAC) cropping practices for grain sorghum and soybeans when allowed by the actuarial documents, and to make other technical edits. The changes will be effective for the 2020 and succeeding crop years.
  • PM-19-068 - Hybrid Seed Rice
    • The FCIC revised the Hybrid Seed Rice Crop Provisions to remove the definition of “adjusted yield” and clarify definitions for “amount of insurance per acre” and “county yield”. The changes are applicable for the 2020 and succeeding crop years..
  • PM-19-067 - Sweet Potatoes
    • The FCIC Board of Directors approved changes to the Sweet Potato crop insurance program, under section 508(h) of the Federal Crop Insurance Act, on September 20, 2019. The following changes are applicable for the 2020 and succeeding crop years:
      • Allowance of optional units;
      • Removal of the 4-year production requirement for insurance;
      • Increase in the allowable acreage expansion from 110 to 115 percent of historical acreage;
      • Revision to loss adjustment procedures for irregularly-shaped fields.
  • PM-19-066 - Hybrid Sweet Corn
    • The FCIC revised the Hybrid Sweet Corn Seed Crop Provisions to clarify the definitions of hybrid sweet corn seed processor contract and amount of insurance per acre. The changes are applicable for the 2020 and succeeding crop years.
  • PM-19-061 - Fresh Market Beans
    • FCIC revised the Fresh Market Bean Crop Provisions to allow separate coverage levels by type (planting period) and to make other policy clarifications. The changes are applicable for the 2020 crop year.

You can access your policy provisions at any time by going to https://www.naucountry.com/myprovisions.

Please contact your NAU Country Agent with any questions.