NAU Country wants your business to excel! We understand the importance of sales tools. Therefore we make it a point to provide free product brochures, advertising guidance, and most importantly, a premier crop insurance quoting solution that is easy-to-use and provides strategic risk management tools!

Advertising is key in the competitive world of crop insurance

We’re always ready to partner with you by providing the best customer service to the American farmer. We have a broad spectrum of resources to assist you in your advertising responsibilities. These resources include radio and print ad templates, brochures, postcards, desk signs, and even customized items. We love the opportunity to work with you on your business advertising needs.

Lock in sales with a reliable and easy-to-use quoting solution

EASYquote®, our crop insurance quoter, offers a robust engine, sleek user interface, and strategic risk management tools that will help you develop personalized coverage for everyone. The best part? It offers simple quoting for complex situations. Your prospective clients or current policyholders will be impressed with the accuracy, product comparisons, and reporting that EASYquote has to offer. We strive to be the first to deliver new products to the field and make sure you have the quoting resources you need. Utilize EASYquote for premium estimates and comparisons on your basic products, Dairy Revenue Protection, Whole Farm Revenue Protection, historical PRF data, Crop-Hail, private products, and so much more. Also, take advantage of the risk management and marketing plan tools that it has to offer.

We also offer the EASYquote Historical Analyzer! Assist your insureds in making the best risk management choice possible for coverage level and supplemental protection. Analyze historical policy data to demonstrate different risk management options with the selection of higher coverage levels, Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO), Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO), or Stacked Income Protection (STAX) additions, and more. By looking at past trends, you can evaluate if it makes sense to buy-up in coverage or add-on SCO? What coverage level would have provided the most Return on Investment? No matter what the situation, this analyzer will assist in showing your insureds past trends which will help with future decisions. Ask your Marketing Representative about this tool today!

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