Precision Farming

Do you or your insureds use a GPS enabled planting and yield monitor? If so, NAU Country has made reporting Production and Acreage information easier. Take advantage by simply sending us the data and let us do the work for you.

  1. Upload Precision Farming Data on our Precision Farming Dashboard.
    • As an Agent, click the "Login" button and select "Agent Portal".
    • As an Insured, click the "Login" button and select "Policyholder Portal".
      • If you are new to the Policyholder Portal click the “Register Now” link.
    • Before upload, the planting and harvest files need to be exported and compressed into a zipped folder.
  2. Request a report.
    • The report function will allow the attachment of the precision farming file to a specific policy.
    • The agent will be notified by an automatic email when a report is requested by an insured.
      • Once processing is complete, the Production Report or Acreage Report documents are available to be printed from EASYwriter Pro by the agent.
  3. Sign and return report.
    • When the requested report is printed from EASYwriter Pro, it can be reviewed, signed by the insured and agent, and submitted back to NAU Country.
  4. Completion.
    • Non-Automated agents
      • Return completed and certified report to your Underwriter
    • Automated agents
      • Make any changes per the signed report in Map Entry
      • Uncheck the “not yet certified” box in Map Entry
      • Commit the policy
      • File any documentation
  5. Precision Farming Reference Map.
    On the right side of a completed file, a PDF icon will be displayed. Click on this icon to open the map. The map displays seed rate for acreage, bushels per acre for production, and summarizes the precision farming data at a field level.

Reference the Precision Farming Dashboard to find out the status of your file anytime!