Protect your bottom line with Base Price Modifier (BPM).

The Base Price Modifier policy allows insureds the opportunity to increase the price election under eligible plans.

  • The eligible plans for Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat include buy-up coverage of Yield Protection (YP), Revenue Protection (RP), or Revenue Protection w/the Harvest Price Exclusion (RP-HPE).
  • The eligible plan for California Tree Nuts is buy-up coverage of Actual Production History (APH).

The combined value of the supplemental coverage under the BPM policy and coverage provided by the applicable underlying plan of insurance may not exceed the value of the APH multiplied by the applicable MPCI projected price or price election.

The price election selected at the time of application will not increase regardless of changes to the MPCI policy.

The unit structure under the BPM policy will be the same as the unit structure in effect for the crop(s) and county(ies) insured under the MPCI policy as shown on the Schedule of Insurance. Optional Unit structure may be selected on the BPM policy, if the unit structure of the underlying MPCI policy is Basic Units or Enterprise Units. This election must be made on the application.

Coverage exclusions

  1. High-risk, unclassified or uninsurable acreage.
  2. Acreage that is prevented from planting.
  3. Acreage insured by written agreement with the exception of Written Unit Agreements
  4. Second or double crops as defined in the MPCI policy.
  5. Organically produced crops.

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