Field Insights™: Field level data, any time any place!

There will never be a substitute for a hard day’s work in the field. However, at NAU Country Insurance Company, we just made it a little easier! Field Insights gives agents and farmers the advantage of assessing what is happening on their farming operation, at a field level.

What is Field Insights?

Field Insights is a suite of tools designed for farmers that will help them quickly understand crop health conditions at a field level. These tools will help reduce loss risk and allow farmers to be more productive using field level data like current, future, and historical weather data.

Tools included are:

  • Radar:
    See what has happened in the past 24 hours, as well as what the estimated forecast looks like for the next 24 hours.
  • Wind Speeds:
    Wind speeds at the field level, gives farmers precise details needed for certain field activities.
  • Soil Moisture and Topsoil Temperature:
    Know what the moisture levels and temperatures are for all fields.
  • Growth Models and Growing Degree Days:
    Field Insights can assist with estimated harvest and spraying dates based on weather data, field information, and planting dates.
  • Harvest Advisor:
    Harvest Advisor looks at the optimum harvest moisture for supported crops along with the user’s target moisture. It then projects the ideal time to harvest.

How to access Field Insights:

  1. Agents:
    • NAU Country mobile app
      • Search for a Policy Holder
      • Locate and select an individual policy
      • Select Actions
      • Choose Field Insights
    • Web (computer, tablet, mobile device)
      • Navigate to the Agent Portal
      • Choose Field Insights in the top navigation
      • Enter the full policy number
  2. Policyholders
    • NAU Country mobile app
      • Select a policy
      • Select Actions
      • Choose Field Insights
    • Web (computer, tablet, mobile device)
      • Navigate to the Policyholder Portal
      • Select the Field Insights icon next to your policy
    • Don't have a username and login? Click here for details on how to sign up.

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Download the Field Insights Rack Card
4"x9" - 2 sided, 4 colors
PDF - 465 KB
 View the Field Insights Training Video
View the Field Insights Training Video
YouTube - 27:30 minutes
In the office, in the field, and on the go! Download the NAU Country application from iTunes or the Google Play Store.