EASYwriter Pro Quick FTF - Farm serial number, Tract and FSA Field Information management

We have all heard it before, government requirements on Common Land Unit (CLU) entry are on the rise. Some agents love the ease of our EASYmapping and others struggle with the mapping practicality in their regions.  QBE NAU realizes that one solution does not fit all, so we’re introducing Quick FTF (Farm Serial Number, Tract and FSA Field Information).

Quick FTF enables users to key in Farm Serial Number, Tract and FSA Field information straight from their CIMS 578 report without having to touch mapping.  The ease of keying in CLU information into our grid based entry screen may even sway some of our EASYmapping die-hards to give it a try.  The purpose of Quick FTF is to help all agents achieve their CLU requirements.

As an additional benefit, after your data has been updated in Quick FTF, our system will create actual maps for you behind the scenes.  Meaning, by using Quick FTF, you can still take advantage of all our mapping products for your insureds.

Outstanding Benefits:

  1. Quick FTF offers importing capabilities from EASYmapping Data. With just a click of a button, much of your FTF initial data will prepopulate for you.
  2. Ability to import FTF information by Fall/Spring coverages.
  3. Ease of keying with our shortcut keys.