The Information You Need Where You Need It!

Dashboard_fullThe Dashboard provides the user with the information needed where it is most needed by breaking down pertinent information into four quadrants. Each quadrant is even further broken down by applicable crop years and clickable links to dial down into additional information.

With the Dashboard you will see important information in the areas of Claims, Key Activities, Premium and Agent/Agency Documents Due with each quadrant having its own unique feel and clickable links.


In this quadrant you will see data broken down by MPCI, Hail and Named Peril policy claims. Within each claim type, the Dashboard will provide further information based on crop years as applicable.

activitiesKey Activities

Here you will be able to view acres and production reported for the current crop year with our very intuitive Donut Charts. Each Donut Chart can be clicked providing you further information based on what that chart’s data represented.


The agency’s premium information is broken down by MPCI, Hail, Named Peril and Total book of business. Each of the different data sets of premium will have further information provided by applicable crop years.

documentsAgent/Agency Documents Due

Ever wonder if you need to additional MPCI training to fulfill your Continued Education (CE) hours? This quadrant will take care of you by providing any documents or training that is due and when the expiration date is. This information will be based on the agents that fall under the Agency code used to log into EASYwriter Pro (EWP).

In addition to the four quadrants, you will still have the ability to search for MPCI and Hail policies and have access to the most commonly used reports. You will also be able minimize the Dashboard if you don’t want to see it upon log in for EWP.