About EASYmapping® Views

Introducing EASYmapping Views

Create, modify and sort custom views to make acreage reporting easier and more efficient!

  • Create and build custom views and pages within a policy
  • Manage and customize views related to individual policy fields
  • Saved Views are used in EASYmapping documents and acreage reporting in Map Entry
  • Manage the order in which Views and pages are ordered in Map Books
  • Smart notifications so fields are not left out and errors do not occur

EASYmapping Views Toolbar -ScreenshotQuickly and easily make changes to maps with EASYmapping Views

Build the custom views your insured are looking for. Self-service, no hassle mapping customizations are a breeze with EASYmapping Views.

How does it work?

EASYmapping Views Field Info -Screenshot

Views is built into the EASYmapping Fields section of map entry, within EASYwriter Pro.

  • Open EASYwriter Pro©
  • Find and open the policy
  • Endorse the policy
  • Open Map Entry
  • Open EASYmapping Fields
  • Click the Views button
  • Leverage the toolbar to modify or change View
  • Use notifications to identify fields and any errors
  • When done click Save to complete changes