Entry System ScreenshotQBE NAU offers a Map Based Acreage and Reporting System within EASYwriter Pro©. We've enhanced our system to be incredibly user-friendly and to provide visual images of how policies are mapped.

Simply put, the EASYmapping® Entry System is a GIS based data capture system within EASYwriter Pro. The beauty of this system is that agents can complete the task of reporting acres and production information directly on the mapped policy! Multiple benefits can be derived from using the EASYmapping Entry System including increased accuracy of reporting acres and accurate identification of High-Risk Ground Acres.

Agents with access to EASYwriter Pro or EASYmobility can take advantage of our EASYmapping Entry System, although policies must be mapped prior. Training for this system can be arranged by contacting your Marketing Representative.

Quick RIVrQuickRIVIr

QBE NAU's QuickRIVIr entry allows users to easily enter map based PRF acres as a percentage.