Our free EASYmapping® service includes an EASYmapping Production/Acreage Reporting Booklet and one EASYmapping Pocket Map every crop year.

QBE NAU has a variety of EASYmapping products available for a minimal fee:

  • EASYmapping Farm Management Map Booklets
  • EASYmapping Pocket Maps (one free every crop year)
  • Wall Maps
  • Mini Wall Maps

EASYmapping Farm Management Booklets

By collecting standard information for each policy, we’re able to assemble a complete map set based on your insured's farm. EASYmapping booklets can serve as a record keeping system for tracking tillage, chemicals, fertilizers, harvesting and other important farming data.

EASYmapping Pocket Maps

EASYmapping is even more portable with QBE NAU’s EASYmapping Pocket Maps. This tool essentially allows farmers to carry their entire farming operation in their pocket!

These customized, full aerial maps can become an easy place to:

  • Track planting patterns
  • Document load harvest load records
  • Quickly record managerial tasks
  • Tracking day-to-day farming responsibilities
  • Printed on the most robust materials, these portable planners will withstand the elements!


EASYmapping Wall Maps

Want to see your farming operation on a larger scale? Wall maps are the key! We offer various size maps ranging from mini wall maps (13’’x17’’) to our largest wall map (36"x42"). Each can be ordered as a paper map or laminated map. The laminated options include a dry erase marker allowing farmers to write, draw and plan an unlimited number of times.

You can order any of these products through our QBE NAU Map Order system.