Custom Crop Colors

With so many different types and varieties of crops, sometimes the EASYmapping SOI can become confusing when viewing your fields. Custom Crop Colors changes all of that by giving you the ability to edit what color represents what crop!

How it works

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to learn more about how Custom Crop Colors can help you:

  • Click the "Mapping" tab found on the home screen of EASYwriter Pro
  • Select "Agency Crop Color"
  • Click "Edit"
  • Highlight the applicable crop you wish to edit and select "Edit Crop"
  • Choose your desired color and then hit "Save"

You can always preview and restore crop colors by simply clicking the "Preview" and "Restore Default" buttons found in the Edit Style and Pattern screen.

Advanced options

In addition to being able to edit crop colors, we have also given you the ability to edit field information as well. Here are the four Field Defaults you can edit:

  • No Reported Acreage
  • Multiple Crops
  • Undefined Crop Symbol
  • Non-Insured/ACRSI

Master agencies will be able to edit crop colors for their sub agencies as they see fit.

Please note, users are not required to utilize Custom Crop Colors features. All crops will remain at their default until the user chooses to edit them.