Does every policy need to be mapped? Yes! Eventually all policies need to be mapped and that's why QBE NAU has CIMS and QuickMaps to assist in the process.


CIMS Maps ScreenshotOnce a new policy is set up in EASYwriter Pro©, our CIMS process will automatically run.  We'll receive the certified acres from RMA and automatically map the policy.  This process greatly reduces the time and effort of trying to gather the 578’s and aerials from FSA.  After the CIMS process has been completed, agents will have the opportunity to preview the map and request changes or simply order the mapping products.  When a policy is CIMS mapped, there is no longer a need to continue manual updates; the process will run every crop year to get the most recent fields and acres.


Entry System Navigation Closeup Achieve a new level of efficiency by using EASYmapping® QuickMaps! QBE NAU has already “Quick” mapped all states that have Section, Township and Range! As soon as these policies are entered in our system and have passed through the Policy Holder Tracking System (PHTS), the policy is Quick Mapped.

QBE NAU’s EASYmapping QuickMaps technology can instantly assign map images to any policy insured by QBE NAU. EASYmapping QuickMaps generate map-based forms by using the policyholder's reported units. When applicable, RMA FCI-33 maps will be included for the determination of High Risk Land, T-Yield Map areas or Rate Map areas.

Agents can use EASYmapping QuickMaps or they can assign a policyholder's fields for customized service. No trips to the FSA are necessary and there are no 578's to fill out. Simply identify the fields on any EASYmapping form and submit that form along with the EASYmapping Submission Form. QBE NAU takes care of the rest!