Harvest Advisor!

Harvest AdvisorNAU Country farmers are experienced and know their harvest cycle, but sometimes getting a second opinion can mean the difference between a loss and a profitable year. Field Insights™ can be that second opinion with Harvest Advisor!

How does it work?

Field Insights Harvest Advisor looks at the optimum harvest moisture for supported crops along with the user’s target moisture. It then projects the ideal time to harvest.

Let’s look at a corn example. Corn has an optimum harvest moisture of approximately 23% to 25% allowing for kernels to shell easier and stalks to be generally stronger. Under this harvest moisture percent, it has a normal harvest loss of 1% to 2%.

Harvest Advisor Whereas, if the farmer delays harvest until the corn dries down to 17% to 19%, he is at greater risk of harvest losses from stalk lodging and ear drop. In fact, research shows that the harvest loss could increase to as much as 2% to 8%.

While testing Field Insights Harvest Advisor with several claims adjusters, here is what NAU Country’s Senior Vice President of Claims, Mark Mossman, had to say. “Harvest Advisor takes the guesswork out of harvesting… whether you aim to harvest early to minimize harvest loss percentages, or delay harvest to avoid high dry down cost for long term storage.”

Read the complete Press Release or visit the Field Insights webpage.

Training and Resources

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